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Wind Erosion Prediction System (WEPS)

This site allows access to the WEPS version used for official purposes by NRCS field offices. NRCS developed and maintains the components of the WEPS Databases on this site. The USDA-Agricultural Research Service is the lead agency for developing the science in the WEPS model and the model interface.

WEPS predicts many forms of soil erosion by wind including PM-10. It replaces the Wind Erosion Equation in use prior to January, 2008.

For further information, contact:
Chris Coreil, Wind Erosion Specialist, NRCS, Fort Worth, TX: ;  Phone: 817-509-3977

A general introduction to the WEPS model can be obtained in the document: An Overview of the Wind Erosion Prediction System.
Additional information on WEPS is available from the WEPS Information Page.

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This site is maintained by the USDA-ARS Rangeland Resources & Systems Research Unit and the NRCS. It is intended to provide information to users of the WEPS model.