WEPS Application WebStart Page

Web Page for version:WEPS NRCS release

For launching the application via Java WebStart

NRCS WEPS WebStart Application

WEPS NRCS release

Launch NRCS WEPS here (or click the icon:) updated: 07/25/2023,15:34   

Note: Either Java WebStart (included with Java 8) or OpenWebStart for later Java versions is required to launch WebStart WEPS from the above links. For Windows systems the WEPS Bootloader below is an alternative installation/execution method if Java WebStart or OpenWebStart is not available/installed. OpenWebStart is available HERE.

Weps WebStart Security Certificate Installer

Available HERE.
Clicking the link will download the Java program. Please make sure to also select the downloaded file In your web browser's "downloads" section and execute it.
This certificate is required to be installed PRIOR to downloading/installing WebStart WEPS.
With this installer utility, you can:

Weps Bootloader Windows Installer

Available HERE.
For directly installing WEPS without Java WebStart or OpenWebStart.
Clicking the link will download the WEPS Bootloader Windows Installer. The user will need to execute the downloaded MSI file, then execute the insalled WEPS Bootloader program via either the desktop icon or from the menu entry. It will then automatically install/update WebStart WEPS and then execute WEPS on their computer.
The Bootloader program is an alternative to Java WebStart for downloading/installing WebStart WEPS. It requires the user to have "Admin" privileges to install the Bootloader program on your computer. Once installed, the Bootloader code will install/update and execute the "NRCS Release" build of WEPS only.

Build date stamp: 07/25/2023,15:34