WEPS WebStart Main Page

For launching the application via Java WebStart

NRCS version of WEPS

Link to the current NRCS version (or click the icon:)   

Note: Either Java WebStart (included with Java 8) or OpenWebStart for later Java versions are required to launch WebStart WEPS from the above links. OpenWebStart is available HERE.


Weps WebStart Security Certificate Installer

The certificate installer is available HERE .

(clicking the link will download the java program, please make sure to also select the downloaded file in your web-browser's "downloads" section and execute it.)

This installer utility can:

Other versions of WEPS

This section contains links to pages with previous versions. Each page has links for the types of releases made with that build.

Version Date Link
Current Release
ARS released 07-25-23 ARS production build
NRCS released 07-25-23 NRCS production build
Pre-release (Beta)
ARS pre_release 11-15-23 ARS pre-release build
ARS International pre_release 11-15-23 ARS international pre_release build
NRCS pre-release 11-15-23 NRCS pre_release build
NRCS pre-release development 11-15-23 NRCS pre_release development build
ARS daily 04-12-24 ARS daily build
ARS International daily 04-12-24 ARS international daily build
NRCS daily 04-12-24 NRCS daily build
NRCS daily development 04-12-24 NRCS daily development build
Utilities Date Link
WEPS utility to clean the Java cache Cache Utility
WEPS Security certificate utility Certificate Utility
WEPS Windows MSI Installer Windows Installer
WEPS Windows MSI Installer configuration file Windows Installer cfg file


Version Date Link
Sweep daily 04-12-24 Sweep daily build

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